Partner's program

We developed a system of rewards for recommendations (partner's program) for active users. The system is multi-staged, which makes it transparent and simple. Deductions are made online without delays!

Packs and bonuses

Price €300

Personal bonus €30

Team bonus 120 P


Price €900

Personal award €90

Team bonus 360 P


Price €5000

Personal bonus €500

Team bonus 2040 P

Personal bonus - a reward that you receive to your personal account right away, after a user purchases a package (or extends / gets an UPGRADE in the future) based on your personal recommendation.

Team bonus - a reward that you receive to your personal account when your team accumulated minimum 240 points (P). Each 240 points yields €20.

Any purchase of tokens in your team participates in the 7-stage RichLand partner’s program. Each purchase yields a reward in € (EURO) to the upline!

For instance, the user bought 500 T for €500, it means that the upline got the reward from €5 to €120 on different levels depending on qualification of the partner.

You can determine the amount of your potential bonus reward using RichLand calculator. You can change the parameters Users amount / Network growth percentage.
An example of how your network of partners can develop (excluding personal bonuses from purchases / extensions of packages):
Users amount
Network growth percentage
MonthUsers amountNetwork growth percentageIncomePack replenishment income
IncomePack replenishment incomeSummary income

Receive a referral link and familiarize yourself with the marketing plan in further details in your personal account.